English 10: Literary Journeys
This is the site for class notes, homework assignments, further readings, and interesting tidbits about English 10 at Lincoln School.

Brainstorming Essential Questions…

The past few days we have been working on thesis…

Jan, 30

Levels of Questioning??

We talked in class today a little bit about questions….

Jan, 28

Thesis, what now?

Writing may sometimes feel like a mystical art, lots of…

Jan, 28

Group Annotations!

Annotating while reading is an important skill. It is a…

Jan, 25

Poetry: Themes and issues of WWI and AQWF

Robert Graves was a solider, a poet, and a novelist who…

Jan, 23

All Quiet on the Western Front

We will be reading All Quiet on the Western Front…

Jan, 21

Letter Writing

People don’t often write letters to each other anymore. It’s…

Jan, 16


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