English 10: Literary Journeys

Final Essay Checklist!!


Here is your checklist for your essay due on Tuesday, March 5th at 3pm at the latest. Please personally hand in your typed, clean, and proofread essay to me.  And as a way to organize you further, here is a checklist of things you should do before handing in your essay. This is also what I will be looking for when grading your paper.


Do you have a set-up sentence that includes the book title and author? And if you are using the Allegory of the Cave or Hero’s Journey, do you mention these titles and authors too?
Is your thesis statement specific and does it include the “so, what?” argument?
Do you include keywords from your 3 topic sentences in the introduction?
Is your introduction paragraph a roadmap for what we are about to read?
Did you eliminate plot summary?

Body Paragraphs:

Do you cite appropriate textual evidence in the 3 paragraphs?
Do you address the What? How? and Why? in each evidence paragraph?
Are you clearly supporting your thesis argument in your analysis?
Do all three of your evidence paragraphs directly relate to explaining your thesis statement?
Do you avoid plot summary and only use information directly related to the textual evidence?


Do you restate your thesis statement in a different way?
Do you come to a new viewpoint, a new spotlight of understanding of your thesis statement?
Do you avoid general, vague, and unrelated plot summary?
Do you avoid using the word “I”?
Do you leave your reader with a take-away message about your thesis argument?

Your Paper’s Mechanics:

Did you punctuate embedded quotes correctly?
Did you read over the paper and check for autocorrect mistakes?
Did you read over the paper to check for sentence flow and clarity?
Did you look over and check grammar?


So, one more thing…
Reread your paper!
Read it out loud to someone you know. Does it make sense to them?
Ask a peer to read through your paper and see if they have any comments.

The final editing and reading process is extremely important. Spend time to do this and it will make a difference. Come and see me on Friday if you would like some more support with this and you don’t feel like you have a strong grasp of this. I can’t wait to read your papers. Your thesis statements are really interesting and strong. Let them guide your paper.

Good Luck!!

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