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Thesis, what now?


Woman writing a letter by Gerard-Terborch

Writing may sometimes feel like a mystical art, lots of smoke and hazy ideas. And it may sometimes be terrifying and frustrating to look at a blank piece of paper and wonder to yourself, “What am I supposed to write?” We’ve all been there. Don’t worry.

For the next few weeks we are going to tackle the 5 paragraph essay. It’s a chance to practice and stretch your writing skills now that you are 10th graders. These are writing skills that will serve you well in college and beyond, no matter what profession you go into. Communicating clearly to others through the written word is an important and imperative skill that you can use to persuade, state your case, and provide information to your audience.

The first topic we will dissect is the Thesis Statement, or the Topic Sentence.

A thesis statement acts in various ways in your writing.

  • It acts as the road map for the rest of the essay.
  • It presents your argument to the reader; your focused interpretation of the novel.
  • A thesis statement answers a question, like an essential question, an open-ended question.
  • Your thesis statement makes a claim that others might not agree with and argue against.

We will work with your brainstorm ideas on the passage analysis you did last week to work through a solid, strong, and effective thesis statement. And as they say, “practice makes better.”

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