English 10: Literary Journeys

Vocabulary: A Simple How-To Guide



We will be exploring different vocabulary words for this unit’s study. They will both help you understand the book while you are reading it and also help you expand your word bank to make you a better communicator. You can use these words in conversation, writing, and even those dreaded standardized tests.

I have created a Google Doc where all the words for the unit are listed and divided into weeks. The first group of words you have already done with Dr. Swift.


Here is how it will go for the rest of the list:

  1. For the rest of the words, you will each be assigned one word.
  2. You will take that word, find a comprehensive definition (some words may have more than one). Post up the definition you feel is the best.
  3. Then find an example of that word used in a sentence. You may create a sentence yourself using that word. Or you may find that word used in the news somewhere, copy that sentence into the document, and cite the source link. Look at the example in the above image or the first few words in the document itself.

I will be checking the list often. Please be aware that other people may be using the document while you are. Don’t use over 12 point font, weird extra spaces, or other distracting elements. I have modeled the first few words; please use that format for your word. If you have any questions, please let me know. Just email me or talk to me in class.

Happy Wording!!


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